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Enlaces de interés Inglés



Bbc Radio

 Different radio stations:

 Ello.  Learn English naturally by listening to speakers from all over the world!

Breaking News English. MP3 Downloads for ESL lesson plans.

ESL Cyber Listening Lab. Listen to Everyday Conversations with Adult and Children’s Voice.

The Listening Room.  Listenings of different levels.

Sites for teachers. Listenings for all levels.

English as a Second Language.  Listenings for all levels.

Listenings y Práctica de Conversación.

5 Minutes English. Listenings about different topics.

AudioEnglish. Dialogues and role-plays.

ESL Conversations. More than 1,500 conversations under different topics with high-quality audio.

The BBC English learning website (six-minute English, news English, news about Britain, etc) – in the magazine section, you will find recorded articles about different topics (Listen & Watch section)

A website where you will find exercises to Listen & Read along and Listen & Repeat.

Podcasts in English

A site full of amazing talks by people with great ideas. You can watch the videos with subtitles

Listening exercises and English lessons/material for all levels

Videos, movies, songs and audiobooks

Advanced exercises

Videos with their transcription


Saber Inglés.  Reading exercises about different topics.

5 Minutes English. Reading exercises about different topics. Interesting reading activities about different topics.

English Online. Wide variety of texts related to many different topics.

Reading Comprehension Texts with Questions.

SPEAKING ESL speaking activities for TESL TESOL & TEFL classrooms.

ESL English conversation questions.

ESL Gold. Commonly used expressions in conversations.


Practice Free Writing with a Robot. An interesting way for ESL students to improve writing skills.

Ron’s ESL Blogs. For ESL teachers to exchange ideas and for ESL students to practice writing.


 Beginners resources

Exercises on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

Exercises on listening, reading, grammar, etc and a forum where people discuss different topics (Talking Point Discussion)

You will find other tips on learning to learn and useful links on the website

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